The Website Installer inside our Central Nova Webhosting Website Control Panel gives you an actually quite easy way to create a brand–new website with a custom appearance within just 5 minutes. It merely requires simply 4 basic steps for your new website to be online. You’ll be able to select from more than 200 available site templates and as soon as it is completely ready, you can maintain your new website very easily. We’re going to send to you sign–in credentials for the management area and you should be able to begin incorporating completely new site pages instantly. If perhaps, anytime, you need guidance – our technical engineers are available around the clock, able to work with you.

The Website Installer is obtainable each shared hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers bundle coming with the Central Nova Webhosting Website Control Panel.

A Site Installation Tool For You

Build a completely new web site without any tech abilities

The website installation tool bridges the space in between technically inexperienced clients and intricate site production and design. While using the tool, you won’t need to have to have any understanding in CSS or HTML. You will just need to select how your site will be like and hit the installation button in the tool. That’s it. Next, you will be able to incorporate new webpages and post your own personal images with a click. No program code to write, no design and style to concentrate on. It is all is dealt with from the user–friendly application in the backend and is also completed within seconds.

If, for whatever reason, you’re not pleased with what you have come up with, you can anytime reverse the adjustments and start over.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Website Themes Available For You

Install your brand new web site with merely a click

To assist you to bring your brand–new web site on the Internet at the earliest opportunity, we have crafted a collection of website themes to choose from. Based on the topic of your web site, you can find a wonderful design theme for use on your blog or photo gallery or maybe the best design for your personal portfolio. All design themes are available for zero–cost use inside your Website Control Panel. We’re also working hard to build unique web templates depending on the most up–to–date design tendencies in order to provide you with a better choice for your own sites.

200+ Free Templates

Find Us 24x7x365 for Guidance

Our support representatives on shift 24 hours a day

We have been in the website hosting marketplace for a long time now and have a crew of highly qualified technicians to guide you with virtually any issue you could face with your website(s). Also, you’re able to seek advice from Central Nova Webhosting’s Commonly Asked Questions as well as the amazing line of step–by–step training videos that cover the frequently enquired queries and present approaches to the most typical problems. With the one–hour answer–back time warranty that we lessen to twenty minutes in non–busy hours, you’ll receive well–timed service at any time.

24/7 Support